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Anti-fog Film

Anti-fog Film

GSWF is one of the leading China anti-fog film manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with one of the famous brands, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you 3M quality, USA quality and Korea anti-fog film, anit-fog solar window film. Welcome to buy discount and anti-fog...

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Zhejiang Shichuang Optics Film Manufacturer is specialized in the window film industry more than 10 years, and mainly produce car window film, residential and commercial windw film, safety film, decorative film and whiteboard film.

GSWF PET anti-fog film is prevent fogging under all extreme temperature and humidity conditions. It differ from alternative products in that anti-fog performance are not lost after water immersion or repeated cleaning.
GSWF offers 2mil and 4mil thickness, and can be installed by the professional window film installer or DIY by the professional installing tolls.

Testing machine in lab.:

 Anti-Fog Pet Window Film for Mirror and Building Glass


Sticking on the mirror, building glass
Anti-Fog Pet Window Film for Mirror and Building GlassAnti-Fog Pet Window Film for Mirror and Building Glass

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