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Anti-fog Film

Anti-fog Film
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GSWF is one of the leading China anti-fog film manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with one of the famous brands, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you 3M quality, USA quality and Korea anti-fog film, anit-fog solar window film. Welcome to buy discount and anti-fog film for sale, and wholesale low price and high quality products from us.

·Polyester PET films provide permanent anti-fog solutions, superior abrasion resistance, exceptional clarity and consistency.

·These films prevent fogging under all temperature and humidity conditions, even after repeated cleaning or water immersion

·With self-adhesive and easy to stick on glass.

·Application: building window, mirror in bathroom, glass for the headpiece



Length: 30M, 60M, 100M or according to customer’s demands

Thickness: 2mil (50 micron)

Color: clear

Material: PET film

Adhesive: backed with self-adhesive

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